First of all, we want to congratulate Miss Chellina Chirino with her new world title in the Enfusion -57kg kickboxing division 2020. 

Second of all we want to highlight a huge misconception in the world, being that ”women are the weaker sex”. There is also a still a stigma attached to being a female athlete.

We still live in a male-dominated world. Females often have to work 10 times as hard to prove themselves, before they’re taken seriously, get recognition and get the same reaction and spotlight male athletes get. The misconception that women are not as athletically gifted as men is insulting. Also, let’s highlight the fact that females (in sports) are being over$&xualized, because “sex sells”. Why do females in beach volleyball still have to wear revealing tops and bottoms and men are allowed long shirts and shorts. This is not right. 

Being a female athlete - Chellina Chirino

Is it tough being a female athlete? If so, in what way?

"It's not exactly hard being an athlete as a woman, but it's the things around it that make it difficult. For example: Earning much less money than male athletes, less support from large organizations and in my opinion you are also taken less seriously as a female athlete."

What annoys you as a female fighter?

"I am annoyed that kickboxing is very underappreciated for women. Also that there is a lot of cronyism and no goodwill".

What do people think of the fact that you as a woman are a professional kickboxer? Do you sometimes get negative reactions?

"I sometimes get the question if I've gone mad to practice this sport, to which I really answer YES. Of course it's a crazy idea to take blows voluntarily in a ring but if you can hardly be hit and are one of the best female fighters that makes it fun. Sure, a black eye here and there, but that recovers quickly. I don't get many hate reactions, people may be afraid to leave a reaction like that. haha!"

What do you think should change in (fighting) sports for female athletes?

"I would like talented women in this sport to be recognized for all that hard work. It must be recognized that women train just as hard as men and that they want to be in the spotlight for that. I also want the salary to go up and there should be no more bullshit with cards and VIP table sales within kickboxing."


SUPPLEAM® strives for a world with gender equality.

We are the new generation doing things differently. We are not just spectators, we take responsibility. Fun fact: did you know SUPPLEAM® is founded by a female. Yes, we are a female owned business.

Miss Chellina, congratulations on your newest victory. We got you.