What Vegan food is High in protein? - Top 20 vegan protein sources

If you're interested in enriching your diet with more plant-based protein, say no more. In this article we're sharing 20 plant-based protein products that contain a high amount of protein per 100g. We've sorted them from highest protein to lowest protein per 100g product. Quick disclaimer, you still need to put these products into perspective in terms of portion. It is relatively easier to drink for example 350ml soy milk which will give you 12g protein with 144kcal than it is to eat 350g of nutritional yeast which would give you 162g protein, but also 1200 kcal and a lot of bulk. There probably isn't more than 200g of nutritional yeast in a whole package to begin with... Nevertheless, you want to use these products to create your fitness meals one way or another; as a main character of your meal or as a supporting role!

Are you new at building high protein meals? We would suggest to use a free food logging app and try building a meal with 30-50g protein and the amount of calories that would fit within your energy requirements. Also, to get a decent amino acid profile that fits your active lifestyle you want to have a variety of these protein rich foods in your daily diet.

Here are the 20 plant-based products that are high in protein

*may differ strongly from brand to brand. Check nutritional value to see correct kcal & protein per 100g.

1. Get your scoop out because this list wouldn't be complete without our vegan protein powders. These protein powders have the highest amount of protein per 100g on this list ánd because we've added extra essential amino acids, the leucine content is excellent.
Let us share some vegan protein powder knowledge; not all vegan protein powders are the same. There are huge vegan protein quality differences. This has to do with the fact that you can make a protein powder of just one ingredient or 10. You want to get a vegan protein powder with an optimal essential amino acid profile. The original protein source(s) matters, adding specific amino acids matters, flavor matters, texture matters, consistency matters, total amount of protein matters, leucine matters... a lot to deal with, we know.

Our protein formulations are designed are made with care by our founder who is a sports dietitian and fitness professional:
-Premium Plant-Based Protein - 100g - 77,2g protein & 305 kcal (per 40g serving 30g protein. Based on pea, rice, and sunflower seeds protein with extra BCAA's (essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine).
-Premium Vegan Clear Protein - 100g - 84g protein & 348 kcal (per 20g serving 16,8g protein). Based on pea protein and with the entire EAA's-complex extra (all essential amino acids).

2.Protein pasta - 100g - 55g protein - 348 kcal. Protein pasta? Yes! You can now eat pasta and reach your protein recommendation at the same time. There are several protein pasta's out there. Some of them are made from legumes, which taste a bit different than regular pasta and have less protein than the one we highlighted, but still good! 100g lentil pasta will give you around 334 kcal and 25g protein. The protein pasta we are putting on number 2 of this list is made of Soy protein isolate and durum wheat semolina. It tastes like regular whole wheat pasta. Seriously worth a try!

vegan protein pasta


3.Pumpkin seeds - 100g - 36g protein - 605kcal 

4.Vegan protein bar - 100g - 31g protein - 452kcal* There are a lot of vegan protein bars on the market ranging from 3g protein up to 20g protein per bar. Calories (kcal) differ a lot too. From 150 kcal up to 450 kcal. Depending on your goals, you might want to check the nutritional value. We would suggest a protein bar with at least 15g protein. Kcal depend on how many kcal you have to spend daily!

5.Nutritional yeast - 100g - 30g protein - 336 kcal. Nutritional what? yeast? Yup, inactive yeast. Nutritional yeast is produced by culturing a yeast in a nutrient medium for several days. It’s used in cooking or as a seasoning, offering a savory or umami flavor. Lightly comparable with Parmesan cheese. Nutritional yeast is sold as thin flakes, granules, or powder. You can find it in the "special diet" section of regular supermarkets or health food stores. Really good in creamy sauces or on top of pasta!

6. Vegan "minced meat" 
Nowadays you can find several vegan "minced meat-like" products. The ones with most protein are based on soy, seitan or a combination of both.
- vegan minced meat made from seitan/wheat protein - 100g - 27g protein & 125 kcal*
- vegan minced meat made from soy protein - 100g - 20g protein & 105 kcal* 
- vegan minced meat made from pea protein - 100g - 17g protein & 215kcal*

7. Vegan chicken 
The vegan chicken pieces are available through many brands. Check the ingredient list to check the best kcal to protein ration that suits your goal. 
- vegan chicken unflavored, made from soy - 100g - 20g protein - 154 kcal*

8. Vegan shoarma or gyros style 
We love ourselves a great vegan shoarma. Often the protein to kcal ratio are extremely similar to the regular chicken shoarma. Worth a try! 
There are several brands that sell vegan shoarma, so again check the nutritional value to check yours. The sources can differ from soy protein to seitan. 
- vegan shoarma, made from seitan - 100g - 22,7g protein & 175kcal*
- vegan shoarma, made from soy - 100g - 18g protein & 172kcal*

9. Seitan
Seitan is an amazingly vegan high protein product based on wheat protein with a meat-like structure. Seitan comes from Japan where it has been prepared in the traditional way for hundreds of years. You can find seitan in it's natural form (small patties), but also as burgers, shoarma like products in your more "natural-organic" food stores. You can also make it yourself.
- Seitan natural - 100g - 17g protein & 100 kcal*

10. Chia seeds - 100g - 21g protein - 460 kcal

11. Nuts (mixed) and pure nut butters - 100g - 18g protein - 650 kcal

12. Tofu
This list would not have been complete without our O.G. tofu! Tofu is made from curdled soy milk/drink, just as cheese is made from curdled milk. This product is a loved product in Asian countries. It's a versatile product since it doesn't have any taste, you can flavor it however you want. There are different types of tofu: firm, silken (for sauces, dessert, egg replacer), smoked (can be used on wraps or in a vegan carbonara), minced.
- Smoked tofu - 100g - 19g protein & 170 kcal
- Minced tofu, unflavored - 100g - 18g protein & 167 kcal*
- Firm tofu - 100g - 13g protein & 126 kcal
- Silken tofu - 100g - 5,2g protein & 50kcal

13. Tempeh - 100g - 12g protein - 149 kcal*
Tempeh is a product made from fermented (soy) beans in the form of a thick cake. The taste is reminiscent of the taste of mushrooms with a slightly sour aftertaste. Delicious from the Airfryer with Indonesian ketjap manis!

14. Lupin(i) beans (legume) - 100g cooked weight - 9,5g protein - 95 kcal

15. Mycoprotein products 
Mycoprotein is a protein made from Fusarium venenatum, a naturally occurring fungus. It has a meat-like structure, that's why it's available in a variety of forms such as "minced meat", meat cutlets, burgers. Not all are 100% plant-based as some products contain egg. A vegan product could be the thinly sliced "chicken filet slices" for sandwiches. It’s marketed under the brand name Quorn. 
- Quorn chicken filet slices - 100g - 8,7g protein & 105kcal

16. Edamame. Edamame are the unripe soybeans in the pod. delicious with just a bit of sea salt flakes or in a salad.
- Edamame/soy bean - 100g - 7g protein & 88 kcal

17.Lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans and other legumes  - 100g cooked weight - 6g protein - 115 kcal (*may differ per legume type)

18. Hummus - 100g - 6,4g protein - 331 kcal (varies a lot per brand)*

19. Soy yoghurt/quark 
Thick and creamy or more fluid and light. Soy quarck has a thicker greek yoghurt-like consistency. You can find soy yoghurt/quarck in different flavors. Master pro tip: to enrich your yoghurt you can choose to add our vegan protein powder (see images below). It mixes perfectly! 
- Unsweetened Soy yoghurt natural - 100g - 4g protein & 42g kcal 
- Unsweetened soy quarck natural - 100g - 5,8g protein & 60kcal

20. Soy milk/drink
Soy milk or soy drink is a creamy delicious milk-like product made from boiled and mashed soybeans. You can find this product in several flavors and even enriched with more protein. Generally speaking all soy products have a great amino acid profile.
- Soy milk/drink unsweetened - 100ml - 3,3g protein & 33 kcal

Hopefully we got to inspire you with some new high protein products you can try out. Don't forget to check our Instagram to get inspired with some awesome recipe's!