What we believe

No Bullshit, Just Science and Premium Quality

SUPPLEAM® is a 100% plant-based, no bullshit and evidence-based sports nutrition & supplements brand, that strives to develop purely scientifically-based products with the highest and cleanest quality. We are a company with real knowledge and real heart to match.


Evidence-based and in the right dosage, always.

Our brand was founded and developed by a sports dietitian and a professional in the world of strength, conditioning and sports performance enhancement.
They wanted to bring transparency, integrity and quality back to the crazy world of sports supplements and sports nutrition, leading them to bring this plant-based brand to life. Our promise to customers is that our products will always be evidence-based, and will have the highest and cleanest quality. In the right dosage for optimal sports performance and recovery, always.


We are here to support the new generation athletes

We want to contribute to a more sustainable world. We want to celebrate and support the shifting flow of athletes that understand what it takes for both a healthy, top-performing body and a healthy world. Due to sustainability and animal welfare, we do not want to be part of mass-consumption or commerce in animal products. That is why we do not sell supplements with animal ingredients, such as whey, casein or animal ingredient-based BCAAs.

We strive for sustainable developments that meet the necessities of life of the current generation, without compromising those of future generations.


Aspire to inspire

We are a brand that proudly supports athletes in replacing animal products with plant-based products to contribute to the greater health of the world. With the help of our knowledge, our high quality products and the powerful purpose of our brand, we hope to inspire even the largest animal-product consumer to step towards plant-based protein consumption.


A brand with a heart

We have a greater goal in mind - to give back to the world through our sales of sports nutrition and supplements.

  • We are - and always will be - 100% vegan
  • We donate 25ct of each purchased product to Justdiggit, a grassroots organization committed to greening the landscapes in Africa, to help cool the earth and support the farmers.
  • We donate 25ct of each purchased product to the Green Food Foundation who, in collaboration with dietitians, work to prevent malnutrition of children in developing countries, using the right nutrition expertise and as many sustainable food solutions as possible.


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Green Food Foundation