High quality protein & amino acids for an active and (more) plant-based lifestyle.

Premium Plant-Based Protein
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Pioneering in Plant-Based Protein.

We know what's important when it comes to plant-based protein for optimal muscle recovery/synthesis and amino acid metabolism. Why? Because our founder is a sports dietitian, specializing in plant-based sports nutrition. She stays in touch with scientists specializing in sports nutrition who focus their research on plant protein. We are the bridge between science and practice.

Sports performance with Plant-Based protein

You can perform and thrive at a high level with plant-based protein, but it is essential to pay attention to your diet. Plant-based protein is by definition not less good than animal protein, but has a different effect, requiring attention to total daily intake, amount per meal, timing and leucine content. It is important to get enough protein (1.6-2.4g protein per kg body weight), distribute the total amount of protein over the day (0.4-0.55g protein per kg body weight per meal) and especially of high quality (paying attention to essential amino acid content, especially leucine is very important).

What is a high quality protein powder?

  1. Amount of protein per 100g of product; a protein powder can support your total recommended protein intake in a day. A protein powder should have a decent amount of protein per 100g of product. That's right, no protein powder is 100% protein. You want at least 70g of protein per 100g of protein powder;
  2. Blend of raw materials: combinations of raw materials such as peas and rice are crucial to increase the protein quality. This improves the amino acid profile. Some amino acids are more important than others when it comes to muscle recovery/synthesis. So it is important to understand that a combination of different (well researched) raw materials can improve the quality of a protein powder;
  3. Added limiting amino acids: As mentioned above, some amino acids are slightly more important than others when it comes to muscle mass recovery/synthesis. It is important to know that some of these important amino acids are found in relatively low doses in plant-based sources. This is at the expense of the amino acid profile and thus the quality of the protein. To correct for this, we have added extra BCAAs to our protein powders; these are 3 essential amino acids Isoleucine, Valine and Leucine. Leucine in particular plays a very important role. In addition to processing these amino acids in our protein powders, we also have them available separately. Our BCAA PLUS. A must-have to optimize the amino acid profile of your plant-based diet. Nice to drink during training!

Why a protein powder or BCAAs?

Protein powder and amino acids have a positive effect on digestion and absorption. This can improve protein absorption! A lot of fiber (which is in plant foods) slows down digestion and absorption, reducing the peak of amino acid activity. In addition, it is a simple way to meet your total recommended daily intake of protein and to optimize the amino acid profile of your plant-based protein sources.

What is the added value of a plant-based protein blend in contrast to the animal whey?

A high quality protein blend can achieve the same response in relation to muscle protein synthesis. The added value is in the sustainability aspect. As humans, we need to find more sustainable proteins for the growing world population and at the same time reduce the pollution of our food production to prevent global warming. Also, plant-based protein does not require mass production of animals.