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Going Bananas

Natural banana flavor. Perfectly mildly sweet and creamy with real vanilla bean powder.



Luxurious chocolate flavor with real cocoa and a touch of Arabica coffee.


Chai Latte

Rich, creamy, aromatic and mildly sweet in the taste of cinnamon, cloves, ginger and cardamom.

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Protein-rich | Lose weight | Fat loss | Muscle building | Gluten-free | FODMAP friendly | Weight gain | Healthy

Protein-rich | Lose weight | Fat loss | Muscle building | Gluten-free | FODMAP friendly | Weight gain | Healthy

Science | Protein Tips | Muscle building tips | Workout tips | Gut health | Anti-aging | Healthy Aging

hoe wordt vegan proteïne poeder gemaakt?

How Is Protein Powder Made? Sports dietitian explains.

Protein powder has become a staple in many kitchen cabinets. But, how is protein powder made? In this article, we take a dive into the production process, from raw material to sweeteners. Written by A.L. Oosterling BSc sports dietitian, NSCA-CPT, ISAK anthropometrist Step 1. Choosing raw materials: What is protein

vegan proteine poeder in een kom met plantaardige yoghurt

Protein Powder: How to Use it?

Protein powder is popular as an ingredient in shakes, but there are other clever ways to use your favorite flavors. Written by A.L. Oosterling BSc sports dietitian, NSCA-CPT, ISAK anthropometrist What is protein powder? Protein powder is a concentrated source of protein in powder form. The carbohydrates and fats are

best collagen building foods

Dietitian Shares the 3 Most Important Nutrition Anti-Aging Tips

Aging is a natural process we all undergo, but the way we eat can have a significant impact on how quickly or slowly this process occurs. In this article, we discuss the three most important nutritional tips against accelarated (skin) aging to maintain a strong, firm and vital body. Written

lactosevrij eten tips

These 3 Basic Tips Are Indispensable If You Want to Learn to Eat Lactose-Free

Many people want to live lactose-free (cow’s milk-free) because of sustainability, because of lactose intolerance or other health reasons. Sometimes lactose can cause bloating, intestinal discomfort, changes in stool, acne, eczema or flatulence. Do you suspect a lactose intolerance? If so, discuss this with your doctor. In this article, I

wat te doen bij een opgeblazen buik

How do I get rid of a bloated belly after eating too much?

If you ate and drank too much during a festive dinner, there’s a chance you can suffer from a bloated belly. If your belly bulges slightly after eating, we are talking about gastrointestinal stuffing. This is normal and also disappears fairly quickly, but sometimes the belly becomes (painfully) hard and

pan met vegan pannenkoeken beslag

A daily menu with more than 250gr of vegan protein and 4100 kcal

In this article, we follow the adventure of Niels, a personal trainer, who was on a mission to eat 250 grams of protein entirely from vegan protein sources. Niels is not a vegan, but vegan protein sources are part of his protein toolbox. Some background information: Niels is 30+, 186

beste vegan proteine poeder vanille

How to Use Vegan Protein Powder – 3 Basic Methods

These 3 simple basic ways to use vegan protein powder are tasty, quick and effective! A vegan protein powder is an excellent source of protein and can be used in a variety of ways. In this article, we will discuss three basic methods on how to use vegan protein powder

vegan diet shake checklist

Protein Shake as a Meal Replacement: Do’s and Don’ts

More and more people are discovering the convenient benefits of using (vegan) protein powders as an ingredient in oatmeal (protein oats), in yogurt (proyo), in baked goods, but also in meal replacing shakes. In this article, we take a closer look at this topic and discuss how protein shakes can

protein shake

A protein shake before, during or after training?

Get the most out of your protein shakes! Discover the optimal time to drink a protein shake for maximum effectiveness. Sports dietitian Angela Oosterling shares insights about timing, intake and the use of vegan protein shakes before, during and after training. Written by A.L. Oosterling BSc sports dietitian, NSCA-CPT, ISAK

This Day Menu Has 250g Vegan Protein for Building Muscle Mass

This is how you pack your day menu with vegan proteins for more muscle mass! Written by A.L. Oosterling BSc sports dietitian, NSCA-CPT, ISAK Proteins play a vital role in muscle growth and maintenance. The more muscles you have, the more protein your body needs to maintain them. How much

protein powder scoop

With these 6 questions you’ll find the best vegan protein powder

There are different types of Vegan Protein Powders available. You can choose from vegan protein powders that are creamy or lemonade-like and transparent. There are various raw materials from which a vegan protein powder could be made of, for example pea protein, rice protein, soy protein, hemp protein, sunflower seed

vegan proteïne shake vanille

5 Reasons Why You Drink Vegan Protein Shakes

A Vegan Protein Shake is not just a post-workout recovery drink. These are the 5 most common reasons why people choose Vegan Protein Shakes People are increasingly choosing to avoid animal products for ethical reasons, health benefits and/or environmental impact. High quality Vegan Protein Shakes offer an excellent alternative to