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Going Bananas

Natural banana flavor. Perfectly mildly sweet and creamy with real vanilla bean powder.



Luxurious chocolate flavor with real cocoa and a touch of Arabica coffee.


Chai Latte

Rich, creamy, aromatic and mildly sweet in the taste of cinnamon, cloves, ginger and cardamom.



We are here for anyone who wants to improve performance, body composition and overall health, in a more sustainable way.

SUPPLEAM® is a 100% plant-based and evidence-based sports nutrition & supplement brand, committed to pure science-based products of the highest and cleanest quality. We are a company with real knowledge and made with real heart.

Pioneering in plant protein

Our brand was founded and developed by a sports dietitian; a health and fitness professional with nearly 10 years of experience within this industry.
She was fascinated by plant-based protein and several years ago, she decided to create a brand that could offer high-quality and progressive protein solutions. As experts in the field of plant protein, we will always keep on top of all developments in the vegan fitness industry.

Leading by example

We want to contribute to a more sustainable world. We want to celebrate and support the new generation of athletes, who understand what is needed for both a healthy, top performing body and a healthy world. Because of sustainability and animal welfare, we do not want to be part of mass consumption or trade in animal products. Therefore, we do not sell supplements with animal ingredients, such as whey, casein or loose amino acids based on animal ingredients.

We strive for sustainable developments that meet the livelihood needs of the current generation without compromising those of future generations.

A brand with a heart

We have a bigger goal in mind – to give back to the world with our sales of sports nutrition and supplements.

  • We are – and will continue to be – 100% vegan
  • We donate 25ct of every SUPPLEAM product purchased to Justdiggit, a grassroots organization dedicated to greening Africa’s landscapes to cool the earth and support farmers.
  • We donate 25ct of every SUPPLEAM product purchased to the Green Food Foundation which, in partnership with dietitians, seeks to prevent malnutrition in children in developing countries, using appropriate nutritional expertise and as many sustainable food solutions as possible.

Aspire to inspire

We are a brand that proudly supports replacing animal products with plant products to contribute to a better health of the world. Using our knowledge, our high-quality products and the powerful purpose of our brand, we hope to inspire even the biggest consumer of animal products to take a step toward more plant-based protein consumption.

Want to know more about Justdiggit? Check the website!

Want to know more about Green Food Foundation? Check the website!

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