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The Healthiest Vegan Protein Pancakes for Muscle Building
2 servings
30 minutes
Breakfast, Lunch, Dessert, cake, sweets
Gluten free, Calorie rich, Healthy, Clean & Fit, High in fiber, Naturally sweetened (without added sugars), Rich in iron

Nutritional value per serving (1/2): 45gr protein | 110gr carbohydrates | 17.5gr fats | 746 kcal

The Best Tofu Scramble for Beginners – Vegan scrambled egg
2 servings
8-10 minutes
Breakfast, Lunch
Healthy, Clean & Fit, Without nuts

Nutritional value per serving (1/2) without bread: 330 kcal | 30gr protein | 5gr carbohydrates | 20gr fats | 3gr fiber

Nutritional value per serving (1/2) with bread: 470 kcal | 36gr protein | 30gr carbohydrates | 21gr fats | 6gr fiber

Creamy Layered Vegan Protein Yogurt with Biscoff Cookies and Banana
2 servings
5 minutes
Snacks, Breakfast, Dessert, cake, sweets
Low calorie

Nutritional value per serving: 278 kcal | 30gr protein | 22gr carbohydrates | 7.5gr fats | 3gr fiber

Oven-Free and Low-Calorie: Vegan Protein Praline
8 servings
5 hours and 10 minutes
Dessert, cake, sweets, Snacks, Meal prep
Low calorie, Without soy, Gluten free

Nutritional value per serving: 170 kcal | 10gr protein | 11gr carbohydrates | 10gr fats | 3gr fiber

The Tastiest White Beans Recipe Peruvian Style – Vegan
4 servings
60 minutes
Dinner, Meal prep, Lunch
Gluten free, High in fiber, Low calorie, Healthy, Clean & Fit, Low fat, Without nuts, Without soy

Nutritional value per portion: 365 kcal | 22gr protein | 48gr carbohydrates | 2.8gr fats | 23gr fiber