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Muscle Building

What causes breakdown of muscle mass? Having little muscle mass or low muscle mass can have several causes. Age, an inactive lifestyle, malnutrition, eating too little protein, weight loss, genetics and certain medical conditions may play a role.

Muscle mass allows you to shape the body the way you want it. Muscles are important because they provide strength, they improve posture, they provide stability, endurance, they keep you (functionally) active, but they are also involved as internal organs in protein storage, glucose regulation, hormone balance and cellular communication.

The best way to build new muscle

is by combining a muscle-building diet (a diet rich in high-quality protein) with resistance training for a significant amount of time. The time frame in which you should prioritize this type of training and diet depends on how much muscle you want to build and your overall training experience. A high quality protein is one with reasonable digestibility and a high dose of essential amino acids (amino acids that your body cannot make and therefore must come from food). Of the essential amino acids, leucine appears to play an important role in creating new muscle protein. Leucine is a building block, but also has a signaling function that “turns on” the process of making new muscle protein, so to speak

What is the best workout for muscle mass?

The most efficient form of training to build muscle mass is hypertrophy strength training.

What should I eat after (hypertrophy strength training) exercise?

The effort in the gym will be in vain if you sit on the sidelines and do not eat the right muscle-building protein-rich foods to initiate and optimize recovery, because the magic of building muscle happens during recovery. It is important to eat enough high-quality protein to meet the demand for muscle growth. High quality protein is protein that is rich in essential amino acids and relatively easily digestible.

What to eat after your workout to build muscle?

Nutrition for recovery after strength training is a balanced meal with 30-50g of protein. Exercise causes damage in muscles at the local level. The protein content of your meals affects how your body repairs and rebuilds tissue. The general advice gives a wide range of 1.6-2.6g of protein per kg of body weight (and in some cases even higher). The amount depends on several factors, including type/intensity of training you do, whether you eat vegetarian (this has to do with the quality of the protein), whether you are working on losing weight or gaining muscle mass and age etc. So a combination of these factors can cause you to need more protein than the recommended amount.

SUPPLEAM has a number of vegan protein bestsellers

To help you achieve your daily high-quality protein recommendation for muscle building. Our products are designed with the goal of helping nourish and restore the body without lactose, added sugars, gluten or toxic chemicals, resulting in high-quality, easily digestible and delicious protein that supports your goals.


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