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PAM High Yield Canola Cooking Spray XL – 481gr

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PAM High Yield is a premium cooking spray based on canola oil, specially formulated with extra heat-resistant vegetable lecithin for maximum non-stick coating.
Pam cooking spray for low-fat cooking, baking and frying. 100% natural product, suits a healthy lifestyle. Get fewer calories while baking.


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In stock

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1 review for
PAM High Yield Canola Cooking Spray XL – 481gr

  1. NL


    Great product! Works the same as a spoon of olive oil or butter (food doesn’t stick to the pan and it doesn’t give the food weird taste) but without the calories and fat 🙂
    Was able to use this 481GR package for almost a year before getting a new one, so def worth the money.

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