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5 Reasons Why You Drink Vegan Protein Shakes


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A Vegan Protein Shake is not just a post-workout recovery drink. These are the 5 most common reasons why people choose Vegan Protein Shakes

People are increasingly choosing to avoid animal products for ethical reasons, health benefits and/or environmental impact. High quality Vegan Protein Shakes offer an excellent alternative to traditional animal protein shakes and can be a valuable addition to your healthy diet. You can find them as a vegan protein powder, but nowadays you can also find vegan protein shakes ready-to-drink in regular supermarkets. And did you know that a vegan protein shake can be used in many ways? A Vegan Protein Shake is not just a post-workout recovery drink!

Written by A.L. Oosterling, BSc sports dietitian, NSCA-CPT

1. Replacement for Whey and Casein because of GI-distress

You are sensitive to lactose. If you have a lactose intolerance, traditional whey and casein protein shakes can cause GI-distress. A high-quality vegan protein powder offers an excellent alternative that is naturally lactose-free.

2.For more Convenience “on-the-go”

You’re on-the-go a lot. Vegan protein shakes are a convenient way to meet the daily protein requirement. You can easily take a vegan protein powder with you and you only need water or milk to make a vegan protein shake. A vegan protein powder can also be added as an ingredient to oatmeal or plant-based yogurt. This way, you’ll increase the protein content of your breakfast, lunch or snack in (literally) an instant. Handy for when you’re on-the-go a lot or have a busy work life!

When you travel and follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, it can sometimes be a challenge to find enough protein-rich foods. Vegan protein shakes offer an easy and tasty solution. You can easily take a few servings of vegan protein powder with you in bags or in baby-food containers. You just need water and a shaker! This way you can have an easy and protein-rich solution at your fingertips anywhere, anytime.

In addition to vegan protein powders that you can mix with water or plant-based milk, ready–to-drink vegan protein shakes are now also available in regular supermarkets. However, these ready-to-use vegan protein shakes contain less vegan protein than a vegan protein shake based on a vegan protein powder. Typically 15g vegan protein per serving and 175-250 kcal per serving. For comparison: avegan protein shake made with water and vegan protein powdercontains ±100-120 kcal and ±30g per serving (35-40g vegan protein powder).

ProductSUPPLEAM® vegan protein shake – vegan protein powder with water or plant-based milk.
Alpro protein shake – vegan ready-to-use protein shake

Calories per portion114 kcal (40g protein powder with 350ml water)187,5 kcal (250ml)
Protein per portion30g15g
Based on Pea protein, rice protein, sunflower seed proteinSoy (91%) and pea protein
Vegan protein powder or vegan ready-to-use protein shakes

3. Due to lifestyle and dietary restrictions

You eat fully vegan or vegetarian ánd have a food allergy, food sensitivity or food intolerance.
Vegan protein powders are useful for people with specific dietary restrictions; for example if you are vegan or vegetarian and also have a sensitivity to soy or other legumes (think of lentils, chickpeas, beans, etc.). This makes it more difficult to get enough protein and all specific essential amino acids in optimal doses. Especially if you’re trying to build muscle mass. But beware: some vegan protein shakes may contain ingredients that people may be sensitive to. For example soy (this is an allergen). It is therefore important to check the ingredients list. This way you can check whether you have found a suitable vegan protein powder.

You eat fully vegan or vegetarian ánd are trying to lose weight (specifically body fat).
Vegan protein shakes can therefore be useful for people with food allergies, food sensitivities or food intolerances with a plant-based diet. But in addition, vegan protein shakes can also be useful for people who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet and are trying to lose fat mass specifically. This requires you to consume fewer calories while trying to maintain a protein-enriched diet. A vegan protein shake contains ±100-120 kcal per portion if made with water and provides ±30g vegan protein. For comparison: if you want to get the same amount of protein from tofu, you need about 230 g and this gives 288 kcal. This doesn’t mean you should get all your protein from vegan protein shakes, but vegan protein shakes could become part of your strategy to make it easier to eat protein-rich foods on an energy-restricted plant-based diet.

Brunette in a gym pouring a vegan protein shake into a glass

4. Replacement For Whey And Casein Due To Sustainability

You try to live more sustainably. Vegan protein shakes are a more sustainable food choice than animal protein. The production of vegan protein shakes usually has a lower ecological footprint than the production of animal proteins, such as protein shakes made from whey and casein. By choosing vegan protein shakes you help to relieve the environment.

vegan vs whey protein powder overview

5. Just to be sure; all essential amino acids and extra protein for an increased protein requirement

You have a higher protein requirement. Certain life stages or circumstances can increase your protein needs. For example, athletes, people who are active because of their work, when you get older, people who want to lose fat mass, people who want to build muscle mass, people who eat completely plant-based or people who are recovering from muscle breakdown can benefit from the use of vegan protein powder. A high-quality vegan protein shake contains all essential amino acids in a generous dose that are necessary to support muscle recovery and muscle building.. By adding a high-quality vegan protein shake enriched with essential amino acids to your already healthy and complete diet, you can confidently work on your sports performance and muscle recovery, knowing that you are getting all the necessary building blocks for your muscles.

All in all, vegan protein shakes can be very beneficial, but it is important to note that vegan protein shakes are not a substitute for a healthy and balanced diet. . Vegan protein shakes are suitable as an addition to a healthy diet. So, make sure that you also get enough basic foods such as vegetables, fruit, whole grains, legumes, etc. In this case, drinking a vegan protein shake just to be on the safe side is not a problem.


People use vegan protein shakes to ensure they get enough protein, which may not be adequately supplied by their normal diet. Vegan Protein Shakes can be an excellent choice for those looking for a plant-based source of protein. They are often suitable for people with dietary restrictions and they are also a more sustainable food choice than animal protein.

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