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Going Bananas

Natural banana flavor. Perfectly mildly sweet and creamy with real vanilla bean powder.



Luxurious chocolate flavor with real cocoa and a touch of Arabica coffee.


Chai Latte

Rich, creamy, aromatic and mildly sweet in the taste of cinnamon, cloves, ginger and cardamom.


Amazonian Fruits Lemonade

Pioneering. Vegan protein powder in a refreshing lemonade style with the delicious taste of Amazonian fruit

Revitalize and hydrate your body with our innovative Vegan Protein Formula, easy to mix with water.

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All in 1 scoop

Give your body all the necessary amino acids needed to support muscle development and recovery in conjunction with an active lifestyle.

What's in a Scoop?

16.8 gr

Protein (20gr scoop)

2 gr


8 gr




Pea protein

SUPPLEAM® founder shown in


Wonderfully refreshing and deliciously sweet, delicious with ice cubes and lemon slices or simply with cold water.

Make protein lemonade!
For best results, add 500-600ml of water to your shaker or blender and then add 20g of SUPPLEAM Premium Vegan Protein powder.
Shake or blend and enjoy! This vegan protein lemonade is best with ice cubes.

Pro Tip: Also delicious as water ices! Less sweet? Add more water.

What can you make with vegan protein powder?

Why we love it

Hydrolyzed Proteins

As a result, it can also be used as an intra-workout!

Unique and groundbreaking vegan protein formula​

Enriched with all 9 essential amino acids (EAA complex)

Mixes easily without clumping

With no chalky aftertaste

Bright and Refreshing​

Ideal for people who are not fans of creamy proteins

16.9g protein per 20g scoop​

Containing all the essential amino acids

2g leucine per 20g scoop​

an essential amino acid

FODMAP friendly​

Made with protein hydrolysate blend, therefore easy and fast to digest

No artificial colors or flavours

No artificial colors or flavours


Pure and clean

Real Results

SUPPLEAM is a revolutionary vegan protein – a breakthrough formula designed to provide an optimal amino acid profile with a beautiful taste and texture. Our Premium Plant-Based Protein powder has an unparalleled science-based high-quality blend enriched with essential amino acids to help increase muscle protein synthesis and reduce muscle breakdown when combined with strength training.
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Love this product - the taste, the texture and the proteins! Nice alternative for the heavy milky type of protein that I don't like to bring during my workout. Also perfect to mix with the Suppleam creatine <3
-- Emma --

A brand with integrity and friendly to the environment.

Our 100% vegan protein is made to support a healthy and varied diet, without harming the planet. That’s why we at SUPPLEAM not only support 100% vegan brand, but also support Justdiggit and Green Food Foundation.

This means that your SUPPLEAM purchase not only supports your cause, but also helps prevent child malnutrition in developing countries and global cooling.

Suppleam - Just diggit

Have questions or comments about our vegan protein powder or our brand?
We are here to help!

You can chat with our experts via WhatsApp – just click the black/green button at the bottom right of your screen to start a conversation. You can also send us an email at, or contact us on Instagram, where our team is always available to answer any questions.

At SUPPLEAM®, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service and support. So don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’re always here to help.

3 reviews for
Amazonian Fruits Lemonade

  1. NL


    Super fijn product! Ik gebruik het gedurende de dag meerdere keren, lekker makkelijk te maken en erg lekker.

  2. NL

    Petra K

    This fruity lemonade tastes really good. I would even drink it in the sun with some ice cubes. But I drink it while doing my workout and I love it. My recovery is so much better! I really recommend this product for everyone in the gym!

  3. NL


    Love this product – the taste, the texture and the proteins! Nice alternative for the heavy milky type of protein that I don’t like to bring during my workout.
    Also perfect to mix with the Suppleam creatine <3

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