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Premium Plant-Based Protein
Unit price: €34,90 /
Premium Vegan Clear Protein
Unit price: €36,90 /
Vegan High Protein Penne Rigate
Unit price: €4,95 / Piece
Vegan High Protein Spaghetti
Unit price: €4,95 / Piece
Creatine Monohydrate
Unit price: €15,90 / Piece
PAM Cooking Spay
Unit price: €16,90 /
PhD Smart Bar - Vegan Protein Bars
Unit price: €2,50 / Piece

Pioneering in plant-based sports nutrition and supplements.

Our founder sports dietitian specializes in plant-based sports nutrition. She stays in touch with scientists specializing in sports nutrition who focus their research on plant protein. 

Sports performance with plant-based sports nutrition

You can perform and recover at a high level with plant-based sports nutrition, but it is essential to pay attention to your diet. Plant protein is by definition not less than animal protein, but has a different effect, requiring attention to total daily protein, amount of protein per meal, timing and leucine content. It is important to get enough protein (1.6-2.4g protein per kg body weight), distribute the total amount of protein over the day (0.4-0.55g protein per kg body weight per meal) and especially of high quality (paying attention to essential amino acid content, especially leucine is very important).

We are proud 

Our products are a carefully considered selection produced from science. All well thought out and made with integrity. SUPPLEAM® is unique because it is a brand made by truly accredited sports nutrition professionals. A necessary counterpoint in the crazy world of sports supplements.

For the New Generation Athletes

A new generation athletes is led by science and guided by morality.We are a group that consciously deals with lifestyle choices in order not to endanger future generations. We new generation athletes look beyond just our own sports performances and “gains”. We understand that we are inextricably linked to our environment and look for ways to achieve our goals and, where possible, to contribute to a more sustainable society with our choices. More “plant-based” is the norm.

A brand with a heart

We have a greater goal in mind - to give back to the world through our sales of sports nutrition and supplements.

  • We are - and always will be - 100% vegan
  • We donate 25ct of each purchased product to Justdiggit, a grassroots organization committed to greening the landscapes in Africa, to help cool the earth and support the farmers.
  • We donate 25ct of each purchased product to the Green Food Foundation who, in collaboration with dietitians, work to prevent malnutrition of children in developing countries, using the right nutrition expertise and as many sustainable food solutions as possible.

Note: Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.